The 5 Step Guide to Update Your Home for Spring

by Andrea Doxey March 01, 2020

The 5 Step Guide to Update Your Home for Spring

Who else is ready to say buh-bye to winter and embrace the spring?! It's so easy to get into a bit of a rut at the beginning of year when the excitement of the holidays is over and it feels like a long stretch before the start of spring, but we're almost there! Spring and Fall are always my favourite times of year to refresh my home because it feels like a natural embrace of the season ahead. Changing up a few things here and there in your space can have a HUGE impact in how you live in your home everyday. These are my top 5 tips for refreshing your home this spring!

A Breath of Fresh Air

1. Update Your Entryway

Your entryway in the winter time really has to function well given that we're often battling snow, salt and layers of clothing! One of my favourite parts about spring is the ability to pare back what I've got going on at my entryway. Gone is my winter mat that needs to soak up slush and slow and back is my moroccan tile mat that adds a sophisticated punch to my entryway. Take some time to put away hats, mitts, coats and pare back your space to the essentials before layering in a fresh piece of artwork and some greenery in a new vase.

2. Add Greenery

It feels like a true indulgence to head to my local flower shop and pick up some fresh blooms, but I love to do this every few weeks on a Friday as I find I'm home more on the weekends and get to truly enjoy! I also love to mix in great faux stems and greenery in my primary living spaces (kitchen, living room, entryway, etc). I find the way to make faux look less "faux" is to steer clear of fake flowers and rather focus on faux stems. Flowers are much harder to make look real as they use a lot of silk-fabric to create the bloom compared to a stem of greenery. Don't forget that you can use stems as a way to add height to a coffee table, console or mantle - use your favourite pot and load it up with stems for a fresh feel.

3. Switch Up Your Fabrics

Once we've turned the corner to spring, I like to take away my heavier weighted fabrics (wool or velvets) and make room for cotton and linen. Switching up your pillows is the easiest and most effective way to refresh your space without breaking the bank! Once you've invested in good inserts for your pillows you will only have to switch out the covers, so you'll save space (and hide your pillow addiction) without having to store more forms. Add in some pretty lighter tones to refresh your space for the warmer months ahead.

4. Add Natural Materials

I'm a firm believer that rattan can play a strong role in any home at any time of year, but it really sings in the spring and summer. It evokes a casual elegance that gives off coastal beachy vibes. Afraid to commit to rattan furniture? No worries - consider adding rattan through a pendant, baskets or trays to add this casual texture to your space.

5. Spring-ify Your Scents

I'll admit it, I'm a full-out crazy candle lady and I won't be stopped. I love working with a candle burning alongside me or having one burn in the evening when I'm serving up the best Jeopardy round of my life. In the fall, I love a more masculine smokey scent and come spring, I'm all about fresh citrus or flowery scents to make my home smell amazing. Don't forget to trim your wick before each burn and ensure you have time to let the candle burn so the entire top is melted to prevent "tunnelling" and add to the longevity of your candles.

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