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Fresh Traditional Trends to Try for Fall 2023

by Rainsford Company August 16, 2023

Fresh Traditional Trends to Try for Fall 2023

There's something about autumn that always feels like coming home. The changing foliage, the slower pace, and the cozier textiles all mingle together to create a sense of comfort and renewal after the buzzing energy of summer. While we're selective about what fleeting decor trends we let into our homes, many of this season's freshest looks have the classic longevity we crave. Here, we're rounding up the Fall 2023 interior design trends that have our attention.

LEAD IMAGE: Design by Liz Mearns, Photo by John Cole.

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Colour Trend:

This time of year, most traditionally nestle into a fall palette of earthtones: warm browns, clay, olive, terracotta, and rust. For 2023, we're seeing a renewed freshness breathed into this palette with the addition of creamy white, ivory, and cool taupe, offset with a touch of our favourite pale sky blue, leafy green or light moss. Picture walking along a sandy shore on a crisp and breezy autumn day, and you'll see why this mix of warm and cool tones works so well.

LEFT: Design and Photo by @thepavlouhome. RIGHT: Design by Amber Interior, Photo by Shade Degges Photography.

LEFT: Design by Jake Arnold, Photo by Michael Clifford. RIGHT: Design by Sarah Bartholomew Design, Photo by John Merkl.

Paint & Wallpaper Trend:

Surprise! Your ceiling doesn't actually HAVE to be white. (Shocking to hear, we know.) Bring life to the fifth wall and draw eyes upwards with a coat of colour or a few rolls of (professionally applied) wallpaper. We love the dreamy feel of a sky blue ceiling, especially in an enclosed sunroom. A pretty patterned paper is a no-brainer in a bedroom, where you spend your time gazing at the ceiling while laying in bed. Use colour strategically to shape your space: bringing attention to upwards can visually lengthen a hallway or stairwell.

LEFT: Styling by Bree Leech, Photo by Lisa Cohen Photography. RIGHT: Design by Tineke Triggs, Photo by Laura Hull.

LEFT: Design by Kara Miller Interiors, Photo by Carmel Fasano Brantley. RIGHT: Design by W Design Collective, Photo by Lucy Call.

Decor Styling Trend:

With buzzwords like "granmillenial," "cottagecore," and "coastal grandmother" making headlines (and hashtags) in recent years, it was only a matter of time before this old-school styling trick staged a resurgence. Ditch the wall baskets of yesteryear (and by that we mean 2020) in favour of collected displays of your finest (or at least, most colourful) patterned porcelain. While wall-hung galleries off maximum impact, a good old plate rail will do the trick, too.

LEFT: Design by Jennifer Beek Hunter, Photo by Jack Thompson. RIGHT: Design and Photo by @theparkerstyle.

LEFT: Design by Billy Cotton, Photo by Stephen Kent Johnson. RIGHT: Design by Feasby & Bleeks, Photo by Angus Fergusson.

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Furniture Trend:

You didn't think wide leg jeans were the only nineties style trend making a slouchy comeback, did you? Softly tailored slipcovers have a relaxed sophistication when slipped over sofas and chairs in updated silhouettes. Clean-lined, unfussy shapes work best; look for sofas with wide bench seats and slim arms, and Parsons-like chairs with straight, square backs. For the slipcover itself, opt for a pleated skirt for extra flare, or keep it sleek(ish) with a contoured fit.

LEFT: Design by Amber Interiors. RIGHT: Design by Jenni Kayne.

LEFT: Design and Photo by @nataliealewis. RIGHT: Design by Rainsford Company, Photo by Anthology Marketing.

Furniture Trend:

While the reign of the white (or beige, or gray) sofa is far from over, more and more people are taking the chance on colour, with big pay off. While we're obviously fans of blue or green as go-to colour options, there's something about a pink sofa that just speaks to us. Feeling extra fiesty? Stripes, checks, and even florals are de rigueur designer options for statement-making seating.

LEFT: Design by Ashley Goforth Design, Photo by Michael Hunter. RIGHT: Design by Katie Davis Design, Photo by Nathan Schroder Photography.

LEFT: Design by Sarah Bartholomew Design, Photo by John Merkl. RIGHT: Design by Redmond Aldrich Design, Photo by Laure Joliet.

Trending Furniture

Kitchen Trend:

Contrasting kitchen islands have been trending for a while, but typically, designers used paint, lighter tones of wood veneer, or waterfalled countertop material to differentiate the island as an accent piece. Islands constructed from richly-stained wood in a deep, warm tone feels new — and positively grand. Add on details like beautifully carved millwork and delicate brass or nickel knobs, and you have a piece that looks more like fine furniture than a simple utilitarian extention of your kitchens' cupboard- and counter-space. We love this look matched with white or light cabinetry, walls and countertops to offset and emphasize the island's visual weight.

LEFT: Design by Claire Totman Designs, Photo by Sarah Griggs. RIGHT: Design by AKB Design, Photo by Maxime Desbiens.

Design by Cdot Design, Photo by Eric Kruk.

Bathroom Trend:

We're suckers for a good design hack that takes something seemingly simple, and turns into a striking, punchy statement. (See: plate walls, above.) This trend is the perfect example: Choose two colours of tile — they could be cheap and cheerful subway tiles, artisnal handmade zellige squares, or modern long and skinny kit kat tiles — in white, and an accent colour of your choice. Then, simply stack them up your shower walls in alternating lines of colour. Voilà! Instant graphic (and oh-so-classic) vertical stripes.

LEFT: Design by Emma Ainscough. RIGHT: Design by Elizabeth Roberts Architects, Photo by Matthew Williams.

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"Be faithful to your own taste because
nothing you really like is ever out of style."

— Billy Baldwin

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