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The Best 2020 Design Trends

by Andrea Doxey January 06, 2020

The Best 2020 Design Trends

New decade, new design trends! I must say, I'm really into what's going on in 2020. Say goodbye to the boring grey days, chevron and rustic decor and hello to classic colours and high quality timeless accessories. Just like there is a movement away from "fast fashion" in clothing for the sake of the environment (among other great reasons), so too is there a renewed focus on sustainability and quality in all things home. Investing in higher quality, timeless pieces is better for the environment and your wallet over time. Quality over quantity! Read on for the 2020 design trends we're into for the year ahead.

2020 Decor Watch

It's All in the Structural Details


Structural details are taking centre stage. As neutral wall colours have been so popular over the last few years, it's no surprise that designers are punching up neutral palettes with special structural details. Wall panelling, curved doorways and exposed ceiling trusses are all making an impact right now.

Back to Classic Colours

Colour Commentary

Pantone announced earlier this year that Classic Blue was the official colour of 2020, and to say that our hearts skipped a beat is an understatement. There is just something so classic about the mix of blue and white that we can get behind! Style at Home magazine took it a step further by sharing four colour trends for 2020: airy pink (less pink than millennial), cobalt blue, fresh green and light brown. Yes, please!

Another fun trend we are watching is a movement toward cream cabinetry in kitchens rather than classic white - we predict this trend will gain momentum in the years ahead.

A Mix of Materials

Material World

With a cultural shift toward quality over quantity, it is important to invest in timeless pieces that tell a story. Although investing in quality sometimes means spending more, it often leads to a better investment over time. In 2020, we're noticing investments being made in beautiful tile, natural stone sinks, hand-thrown pottery and rattan.We love how these natural materials add instant patina to your home and contribute to that "collected look" we are all striving for.

2020 Accessories

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