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Blue & White Forever

by Andrea Doxey May 05, 2018

Blue & White Forever

Colour combinations come and go and, if you're around long enough, you'll see them cycle through more than once (as my mom always says!). Maroon and grey in the 80's … peach and green in the 90's – I think I've made the point. That said, standing the test of time in design is not an easy feat. We are often guilty of giving in to trends because it feels like the right choice to keep current. However, not sticking to our true style is a surefire path to redecorating more frequently than our pockets allow.  

It's no secret that I have serious affection for classic blue and white design. There is something timeless and uncomplicated about it that I find so fresh and easy. It's important, however, to balance this fresh combination in a way that doesn't lean too far in a nautical direction (unless you are in fact living your best life on a boat!). After all, decorating is about creating a cohesive vibe that is unique to you, not a "theme" that looks contrived.  


Mark Sikes is a terrifically talented American interior designer. He has built a successful career in the design world by sticking true to his traditional style and for loving blue and white with a passion. He has embraced the Instagram hashtag, #blueandwhiteforever, with gusto.


Gen Sohr of Pencil and Paper Company, based out of Nashville, has my design heart. She has the guts to mix classic style and punchy colour palettes, to create a playful, fresh-traditional look. I gasped for air when I saw her backyard featured in House Beautiful last summer. Does it get better than this? No, it does not IMO!


You don't have to go overboard with blue and white for it to make an impact. Take a design by Amie Corley Interiors, for example. Here, the natural counter tops and brass light fixtures allow for the blue and white to sing without looking overly "decorated".  


Another example of how you can mix blue and white for a classic and relaxed style is none other than Halcyon House, a beautifully designed hotel by Anna Spiro in Australia. It is one of my life goals to see this magical place in person. The dining room, the spa, the guest rooms and the bathrooms are all nothing short of swoon-worthy.  

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