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Announcing Rainsford Company 2.0!: A heart to heart with Andrea

by Andrea Doxey June 07, 2021

Announcing Rainsford Company 2.0!: A heart to heart with Andrea

Someone pinch me. Have you ever dreamt about something SO much that when it happens, it doesn’t feel real? Well, that’s where I’m at these days. I'll cut right to the chase: About a month ago, we landed on the perfect new home for Rainsford Company and we’re moving in this July! Cue the fireworks!!!!! We’re moving to a standalone building in South Etobicoke to centralize our small team and our content production, and we are launching a showroom to fully bring Rainsford Company to life.

Finding the right space for my baby was no easy feat, let me tell you! You think looking for a house in Toronto is awful? Try finding a space in this city that will suit your design-eye, your functional needs for e-commerce (hello, shipping doors) and your wallet. It took MANY months and many tours to some very cringey sites to find our new home that we’re so proud of — and now we can't wait to get decorating to make it even more ours. (We'll take you along for the ride behind-the-scenes on all the design upgrades, of course!)

Rainsford Company founder Andrea Doxey in our spacious new showroom & warehouse.

The future home of Rainsford Company HQ! It may not look like much now, but just you wait and see the plans we have for it...

Photo Credits: Sezane NYC by Charissa Fay | Curtis & Windham Architects by Pär Bengtsson | Peels Bowery | Studio McGee | Victoria McGinley | The Everygirl by Stoffer Photography | GOOP | Serena & Lily Hamptons by Habitually Chic

Aside from giving us a place to create our growing team's dream workspace — one that will fuel our creativity and give us the space to create and be inspired — this move means exciting things for you, too. A spacious warehouse means we'll have plenty of room to fill with even more (and bigger) product. The wheels are already in motion to expand our product lines come fall, with furniture (!!!), rugs and lighting on the way, along with even more of the decor pieces and home accents you already know us for.

Have a product category in mind you'd love to see from us? We're all ears! Send us a note to let us know what you're looking for — bedding, kitchenware, wallpaper, home textiles... whatever! It feels like the sky is the limit right now, and we want to know what you want!

Our new digs in Toronto's west end will house a beautifully styled showroom (for pop-up events, virtual shopping, and curbside pick-ups), give our team a creative space to collaborate, and give us the room we need to expand our product lines. (Yes, more furniture is coming!)

As I walk down memory lane, I’m reminded of how far we’ve come in three years. From starting the company in the spare bedroom of our home on Rainsford Road while I worked my nine-to-five, to going through the gauntlet that is infertility, to having a baby, to moving homes, to growing our amazing team, to living and running a business through a pandemic... wow, what a ride it’s been.

I am grateful for the stretching and growing we had to do this past year as we tried to build a business while working remotely, with a baby in tow to boot. (Hats off to everyone who juggled so much this year!) Above all else, I am grateful for our incredible Rainsford Company community. We all learned over the past year the important role our homes play in our lives and the meaningful impact they can have on the way we live day-to-day.  

Light shines through the wall-to-wall front windows of Rainsford Company new headquarters

Lots of windows = tonnes of natural light = prime product photography opportunities! (Don't mind my husband, Steve, snapping pics in the back!)

Our mission at Rainsford Company is to share beautiful products and unique ideas that spark creativity and give you the confidence to find joy and beauty in your own home. I know we will continue to learn and get better at this mission with each passing day. I am excited to be expanding our product and service offering as we move to the next chapter in our story.  

Though the past three years were not without blood, sweat and tears, I believe the challenges we have faced to date will make us stronger as we take this next big leap forward. Haven’t we all learned just how resilient and adaptable we all can be? It's pretty amazing.

Your messages, comments, purchases, reviews, swipe ups, double-taps and shares made all of this possible and I am forever grateful to you.  


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