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Take the Quiz! What's Your Design Style?

by Andrea Doxey June 27, 2023

Take the Quiz! What's Your Design Style?

Welcome to the "What's Your Design Style" quiz! Are you ready to uncover what design style you lean toward? Whether you're revamping your living space or simply looking to gain insight into your design style preferences, this quiz is here to guide you on the path!

With a touch of fun and a spark of creativity, this quiz will help unveil the secrets behind your preferred design aesthetic. So, grab a seat, imagine your dream space, and answer the questions with your instinctive responses. Remember, there are no wrong answers—just opportunities to uncover your true design essence!


Mixing & Matching Styles

What's Your Design Style?


  1. If your living space was a colour, which one would it be? a) Calm and serene like a soft blue or pale green. b) Bold and vibrant like a rich red or royal purple. c) Warm and inviting like a deep green or earthy brown. d) Fresh and crisp like a clean white or light gray.
  2. Which statement best describes your ideal furniture? a) Sleek and modern with a touch of elegance.   b) Eclectic and playful, blending different styles and patterns. c) Classic and timeless, showcasing craftsmanship and heritage. d) Clean and functional, with a hint of traditional charm.
  3.  If your living space had a pattern, what would it be?a) Geometric shapes or abstract patterns. b) Bold and busy patterns like stripes or polka dots. c) Traditional patterns like floral designs and block prints. d) Minimalistic patterns or solid colors.
  4. How would you describe your preferred lighting style? a) Contemporary and sleek with adjustable options. b) Dramatic and eye-catching, making a statement. c) Elegant and classic, with warm and soft illumination. d) Simple and functional, providing ample light without fuss.

Design: Nicole Franzen

Design: Christopher Baker

Design: Robert Peterson

4. Which statement best describes your overall aesthetic preference? a) Chic and sophisticated, with a touch of modernity. b) Playful and adventurous, embracing various styles and colors. c) Refined and elegant, honouring timeless traditions. d) Minimalistic and balanced, blending simplicity and comfort.

5. What kind of artwork appeals to you the most?a) Abstract or contemporary pieces that evoke emotion.     b) Quirky and unconventional artwork that sparks conversation. c) Classic landscapes or portraits with a touch of nostalgia. d) Clean and minimalist artwork that complements the space.

6. How do you feel about incorporating vintage or antique elements?a) Not interested, prefer a more contemporary look. b) Absolutely! Vintage pieces add character and tell stories. c) Appreciate the beauty of antiques, but in moderation. d) Prefer a more streamlined and modern look.

7. How would you describe your approach to decorating with accessories?a) Minimalist approach with carefully curated pieces. b) Eclectic mix of different accessories for a playful vibe. c) Select a few statement pieces that showcase heritage. d)Thoughtfully chosen accessories to enhance the overall aesthetic.

Design: Sharon Rembaum

Design: Caroline Turner

Design: Baeta Hueman

The Magic of the Mix

"Be faithful to your own taste,

because nothing you ever like is ever really out of style."

— Billy Baldwin

Now, let's reveal your design style based on your answers!

  • Mostly A's: Your design style is Modern/Contemporary.

  • Mostly B's: Your design style is Eclectic/Playful.

  • Mostly C's: Your design style is Fresh Traditional.

  • Mostly D's: Your design style is Minimalistic/Scandinavian.

Remember, these design styles are just for fun and can be mixed and matched to suit your personal taste. Enjoy exploring and creating your unique space! The most important piece of advice for interiors? If you love it, it will have a home.


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