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Top Three Ways to Overcome Decorating Paralysis

by Andrea Doxey July 25, 2019

Top Three Ways to Overcome Decorating Paralysis

Design Tips

I've observed there to be two camps of people that are interested in interior design: (1) those that are never finished decorating, and (2) those that are too afraid to start. Those that are fearless in their decor choices are easy to spot. They know what they like, mix patterns without a pause and get a thrill out of changing up their decor for the season. Those that are a little less confident in their design abilities, however, seem to far outweigh those without fear. Sometimes the fear making a costly 'mistake'or not knowing how to pull a whole look together can cause what I call analysis paralysis. We're talking the top three ways to overcome decorating paralysis today so that you can live your Pinterest dreams IRL.

Classic Decor Pieces

The Top 3 Tips

Tip #1: Choose a Jumping Off Point

If you only read 1 tip, make sure this is it! A jumping off point, hero fabric, or anchor piece all mean the same thing - an element for your room to get your whole scheme started. Whether it's a colourful rug, piece of artwork, or fabric on pillows or drapes, you will make your decorating journey infinitely easier if you choose this piece FIRST and build the rest of your scheme around it. I always like to ensure my jumping off point has at least 3 colours in it to make introducing complimentary colours in other pieces easier. I've made the mistake of picking pieces I like and THEN trying to find a jumping off point that all of these pieces would nod back to, but it's MUCH easier if you choose your jumping off point first.

Our Favourite Jumping Off Points

Tip #2: Add Black

Designer Ann Showers said it best, "every room needs a touch of black, just as it needs one antique piece". Touches of black in each room will make it easier for you to add in colour, while continuing to ground your space. I always like to add black in a few permanent pieces (ideally in the jumping off point too) that are non-seasonal, so once it's there, you don't have to think about it! Curtain rods, side tables, artwork, or a mirror are just a few ways to introduce black into whatever colour scheme you're currently rocking.

Every room needs a touch of black, just as it needs one antique piece.

— Ann Showers

Touches of Black

Tip #3: Keep Your Furniture Neutral

If you are afraid of making a costly mistake, keep your furniture neutral and leave patterns and stripes off of your primary furniture pieces. Keeping your furniture in neutral tones will give you much more flexibility when introducing patterned rugs, pillows and artwork for example. Now I'm not saying you should never have patterned furniture, but I am suggesting to go neutral if you're not super confident you'll love the pattern long term, or in your ability to play with multiple patterns at once.

Neutral Tones

Top Tip: Choose your jumping off point first and build the rest of your scheme around it! Use the complimentary colours that are included in your jumping off piece to make your room look pulled together.

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