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These Are the Top Mid-Year Design Trends 2020

by Andrea Doxey June 18, 2020

These Are the Top Mid-Year Design Trends 2020

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At the beginning of 2020, everyone was keen to see what the new design trends would be. Fast forward 6 months and no one could have predicted the twists and turns that 2020 would offer us all. It's safe to say 2020 has been a different kind of year, but there are still a handful of trends that we're not only loving, but are predicting will be around in a years time!

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The Top 3 Trends

Trend #1. Natural Stone Sinks

We've been seeing this trend pop up all over Instagram for months. Why we love it? It's a way of bringing the natural beauty of the outdoors in, and it creates a serious "wow" moment in a bathroom.

Trend #2. Old School Traditional Style

If you claimed to like traditional design style a few years ago, you would not necessarily be "on trend", but all that is old is new again! Millennials are being credited for bringing traditional style back to the masses due to a renewed interested in layered decorating, traditional millwork and that cozy-at-home feel.

The colored backgrounds that were once so prevalent on patterned chintzes? Gone. Now the backdrop is usually white. Graphic patterns are definitely in, so are classic touches like skirted tables and good antiques. But fussy details, like ruffles and bows... gone...

— Jennifer Boles

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Trend #3. Moody Hues

It's fair to say the current backdrop of most trending homes these days is white, but look closer and you often find a moody paint hue in the mix. Look to coloured cabinets in dark greens and blues to bring an otherwise stark space, some serious richness.

Moody Hues

If we've learned anything this year so far, it's that life can change on a dime! Be sure to embrace your own design style and what you LOVE. Life is too short to try to adhere to what's "in and out" - go with what you love.

Remember: Just because it's a trend, does not mean you have to participate! Only choose trends that speak to you.

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