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These Are the Top Mid-Year Design Trends

by Andrea Doxey July 10, 2019

These Are the Top Mid-Year Design Trends

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At the beginning of the year, everyone is eager for a fresh start and with that comes an interest in all things 'new' and exciting in design. Fast forward 6 months to the glory days of 2019 and, it's safe to say, there are 3 trends that we're not only loving, but predicting will still be around this time next year.

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The Top 3 Trends

Trend #1. Curved Millwork

We've been seeing this trend popping up all over Instagram for months. Why we love it? It's a fresh take on a classic look. We'll forever have heart-eyes for built-ins (who doesn't want the opportunity for gorgeous display and storage?) and the curved trend offers something new in the millwork department that we haven't seen in decades.

Trend #2. Millenial Pink

I know, I know, I know... this is not a 'new trend', but the question now is, at what point is something trending for so long that it becomes part of a style era? High Point Market in North Carolina is THE destination for design industry experts and blush pink was still having a serious moment at the April 2019 show. Pink has long been thought to have a relaxing effect, and many designers turn to a lighter hue for the flattering glow it offers. Whether you love or loathe millennials (oops.. I mean millennial pink) it's not going anywhere anytime soon!

Pink is like a little ray of sunshine. It bursts through the other colours and brings unquestionable happiness to any room.

— Anna Spiro

Making Us Blush

Trend #3. Nods to Nature

Bamboo, wicker & blonde woods - all having a serious moment. Furniture, lighting and decor elements are all paring back to offer a natural vibe that is cool and casual. The trick with this trend is to add it in pieces so that you (1) don't overcommit to a trend that will cost you in the end because you've splurged on expensive pieces, (2) don't overdo it and lose your personal style and, (3) balance textures in your space by adding in natural elements that are mixed with colour and pattern.


Nods to Nature

Just like bike shorts are back in fashion (someone please explain this to me?!), what goes around comes around in design trends too! The trick with participating in trends is to add them into your classic look with small touches so that your space feels 'current', but not locked in a time capsule when you look back in 5 years!

Remember: Just because it's a trend, does not mean you have to participate! Only choose trends that speak to you.

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