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The Pillow Guide: How to Mix & Match

by Andrea Doxey February 06, 2023

The Pillow  Guide: How to Mix & Match

No living space is complete without the power of pillows! Need to refresh a tired room? Want to change things up for the season? Pillows are your best friend to making a quick switch that will make things feel fresh + new! We're giving you guidance on mixing and matching pillows on your sofa, sectional and chairs!

Here are some quick tips to guide your pillow pairings!

Pattern Play

Mix it up!


Love the look of layered patterns but don't want it to look effortless and not insane? We get it.

- Choose a "hero print" that the rest of your pillows will call back to colour-wise

- Mix florals with stripes and geometics

- Try and keep the scale of the patterns different

- Pair large & small prints together in the same colour way for a cohesive, but layered look

- Need a formula? Mix a floral with a stripe or small print and add in solids to ground the look


Repitition is Key!


Identifying your colour scheme first will make this process 100x easier!

- Once you've identified your scheme (and hero print!), consider which colours you want to be prominant in the space and choose pillows that repeat the colours throughout the room

- Choose fabrics that call back to your colour scheme that is from a hero print, rug or piece of art in the room

Size + Quantity

Add Variety for Visual Interest!


Be sure to include a variety of pillow sizes - lumbar and square to keep it interesting!


- 22" pillows at the back, layer small 20" pillows in front and lumbars

- Need a formula? We love pillows in odd numbers to keep it interesting. Our no-fail look typically includes two pairs and 1 lumbar. *Pro Tip* - the pairs don't have to match.


- We always start with the back corner of the sectional and put your biggest pillow there (ideally 24" or 26")

- From there, use 22" pillows on both ends to cap the corners (and layer in a 22" into the corner too!)

- Don't be afriad to add friends to the pillow in the corner - add smaller 20" pillows or lumbars. We'd recommend 3-4 pillows in the corner and 2-3 on each end


- For an armchair, we recommend one that is proporionate to the back of the chair. The height should be approximately a quarter to half the size of the inside seat back.


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