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The Best Fall Decor Trends

by Andrea Doxey September 03, 2019

The Best Fall Decor Trends

The turn of the corner from summer to fall is a welcome transition and an opportunity to review the latest design trends. Like any trend, just because it's popular now doesn't mean you have to participate,but it's always fun to keep on top of the latest and greatest. This blog is dedicated to the top three BEST fall decor trends we're watching in 2019...

Fall Favourites

Trending Now

Structural Details

In the last few years, we've seen a turn toward neutral walls with colour injected through artwork, rugs and accents. Neutral walls don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, but we've noticed a rise in structural detailing being incorporated into professionally designed spaces. Wall panelling, curved doorways and exposed ceiling trusses are all making an impact right now.

Designer Details

Natural Wood Tones

At the start of 2019, we predicted that lighter wood tones would be trending this calendar year. This trend has held strong all year long and isn't showing any signs of exiting. We love how natural wood tones are being used to warm-up and texturize white spaces. Think about incorporating this trend through accessories to keep your commitment low, or holding off on painting that old furniture piece you've been meaning to get around to!  

Because people are incorporating nature more into their homes, neutral color palettes with natural materials will still be a fall 2019 trend. People are using lighter wood floors that have a more natural tone, along with neutral color palettes as that style is easy to dress up when needed.”

— Lynda Hayslett

Natural Wonders

Earth Tones

Behr's recently announced its 2020 colour of the year, Back to Nature, a lovely yellowy-green that shows that green is here to stay. We love how this looks mixed in with other earth tones, such as black and ivory. This was also incorporated into our Coach House colour palette from our 2019 fall collection.

Earth Tones

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