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The 2020 Gift Edit is here!

The 2020 Gift Edit is here!

We're strong believers in the old adage "'tis better to give than to receive" — which is why we've loaded up the shop with a sleigh's worth of goodies for all your loved ones. From your green-thumb flaunting mom to your travel hungry bestie, we've got pieces they will all be happy to find under the tree on Christmas morning. Read on for our guide to giving the perfect gift this holiday season.

For the friend whose home is never "finished." Their style is at once timeless and constantly evolving. There's always a new little something gracing their bookcase or hanging on their walls whenever you visit (or catch a glimpse of their space on Instagram).

Equally appreciative of a statement-making centrepiece, a playful accent, or a smaller decorative detail, they'll always find a place for another objet. Pieces with aclassical feel or antique influence will always be well received.

Or, give the gift of inspiration with an eye candy-filled coffee table book. We recommend More Beautiful, the newly published read by famed American designer Mark D. Sikes. Or, better yet, pair it with a copy of his first release, Beautiful, for a double hit of interior inspiration.

Winter is hard on plant-lovers.  Our new signature Rainsford Company Candle in Garden Grove is scented with a verdant blend of lily, pink pepper, and vetiver essential oils. Paired with a tube of Verbena hand cream, the fresh scents will keep their summer memories alive.

To further tide them over until spring, gift them them a realistic faux fern that will thrive no matter how many hours of sunlight it gets, and decorative pot as home for their houseplants. A book of swoon-worthy garden photography will fuel daydreams for planting season.

A leafy print pillow lets them wear their heart on their sofa year-round, and an artsy horticultural illustration puts their hobby on display. (Really want to show your love? Get them the full matched series of prints for a botanical gallery wall.)

The kitchen is called the heart of the home, and this pal knows there's good reason for that. Finding a gift to make them happy is easy — pick up a beautiful serving board or a just-released cookbook, pair it with a bottle of luxe hand soap, and you're golden. Add on a crisp Turkish hand towel, and you won't even need to buy wrapping paper — just fold the towel neatly around your gift, and secure with a length of lush ribbon or kitchen twine.

While the scent of sourdough undoubtedly fills their kitchen most weekends, our signature Sunday Brunch candle provides an energizing aroma on days they're off baking duty. Fragranced with zingy bergamot and citrus essential oils supported by orange blossom, neroli and sage, it's an ideal addition to their island or countertop (tucked in next to a pretty marble salt pinch, of course).

One of our favourite show-stopping gift options is a reclaimed wood cookbook/ipad stand, made to keep whatever recipe they're putting their spin on in easy view. (It's on Oprah's 2020 list of "Favourite Things," so you know it's legit).

You know not to bother trying to make plans with this homebody on a Sunday evening — they've likely got a night of self care inked into their calendar. Indulge them with gifts that will comfort their body, clear their mind, and soothe their soul.

In the bathroom, relaxing lavender-scented bath salts are an aromatherapeutic staple. A chic marble tray to corral their numerous lotions and potions will keep their vanity top blissfully tidy.

A cloud-like velvet pillow or ultra-soft lambswool throw are cozy meditation (or Netflix-watching) companions. As for decor, a peaceful watercolour art print sets a calming scene. Purposeful pieces with a minimalist aesthetic — like a clean-lined colour-blocked vase or a natural hand-woven rattan offering bowl — make for presents with just the right amount of, well, presence.

Know someone whose wanderlust is on overdrive this year? While a vacay abroad may not be in the cards, gifts that scratch their itch for exploration are.

Seek out pieces with worldly references, like a carved marble tray with a Moroccan-inspired arabesque silhouette, or an aged iron jack that has the feel of a European flea-market find. Latched brass boxes are ideal treasure boxes for souvenirs and keepsakes from their travels, and our painted indigo mini-bowl is just the right size to hold a few collected coins from a foreign locale.

While they're stuck at home, Amber Lewis' new book, Made For Living, is a great pick to show them how to settle in — the interior designer has a knack for creating eclectic, personal spaces that incorporate globally-inspired textiles and accents. Add on a travel-sized tube of hand cream in a salty Mediterranean Sea scents for a whiff of nostalgia that's ready carry-on-ready, for as soon as they're able to pack up and go.

Keep the festive joy coming with trinkets and tools that go far and above the typical stocking fare. Whether given as a stand-alone gift, grouped to suit a theme, or tacked on to complement a larger item, these compact pieces have universal appeal.

Check everyone off your list in our Holiday Gift Shop.

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