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Swatch Samples

Harbour Striped Sailcloth Green
Harbour Striped Sailcloth Atlantic Blue
Harbour Striped Sailcloth Sandstone
Harbour Striped Sailcloth Domino
Harbour Striped Sailcloth Grey
Harbour Striped Sailcloth Black
Matteo Brushed Weave Beige
Matteo Brushed Weave Ink
Matteo Brushed Weave Iron
Matteo Brushed Weave Steel
Touch Moleskin Ecru
Touch Moleskin Bone
Touch Moleskin Mink
Touch Moleskin Moss
Touch Moleskin Delft
Cambridge Herringbone Twill Nickel
Cambridge Herringbone Twill Graphite
Cambridge Herringbone Twill Cocoa
Cambridge Herringbone Twill French Blue
Gaucho Vegan Leather Desert Clay
Prima Performance Velvet Stucco
Prima Performance Velvet Doeskin
Prima Performance Velvet Porcini
Prima Performance Velvet Jungle
Prima Performance Velvet Navy
Prima Performance Velvet French
Prima Performance Velvet Pond
Soho Canvas Weave Bone
Soho Canvas Weave Buff
Soho Canvas Weave Portobello
Soho Canvas Weave Flint
Soho Canvas Weave Navy
Soho Canvas Weave Sailor
Soho Canvas Weave Kale
Soho Canvas Weave Sky
Soho Canvas Weave Wasabi
Soho Canvas Weave Pistachio
Hybrid Light Blue
Hybrid Denim Blue
Hybrid Indigo
Hybrid Smoke Grey
Hybrid Warm White
Hybrid Deep Olive
Hybrid Sage Green
Hybrid Sand
Hybrid Tan
Hybrid Chartreuse
Boucle Midnight Blue
Boucle True Blue
Boucle Linen
Boucle Snow
Linenhouse Pale Pink

Upholstered furnishings are made-to-order with the fabric of your choice from our library of timeless textiles. Curated for lasting style and real-life wear, the range spans from durable solids to classic patterns. All materials are performance-enhanced for ease of cleaning, superior stain resistance, and colourfastness. Choose your fit of colour, texture, and durability from two fabric grades. Order sample swatches to experience the fabrics firsthand and find your match.

To ensure you love your order, we recommend ordering sample swatches in any fabric you are interested in before purchasing a custom upholstered piece. The appearance of fabric swatches can be affected by your device's screen or the lighting in a room. Placing a fabric sample in the space you envision your new piece is the best way to tell how the fabric will look.