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3 to Follow: Decor experts Travis & Rhiannon Hageman, Ariel Okin, & Nicole Gibbons

3 to Follow: Decor experts Travis & Rhiannon Hageman, Ariel Okin, & Nicole Gibbons

New year, new views. With endless inspiration at your fingertips, it's time to shake up your feed with fresh perspectives from the new trendsetters.

We've rounded up three visual tastemakers whose images always stop us mid-scroll.

Travis & Rhiannon Hageman

Oakville, ON 🇨🇦

This husband-and-wife interior design duo works together to design, construct, and decorate fully custom homes. That big-picture thinking means they're able to pour tonnes of detail into every project. We can't get enough of their light, airy interiors and expertly layered patterns — its fresh traditional at it's finest.

Photos via Instagram/@hagemanhomes

Ariel Okin


Ariel Okin is busy. Between transforming celebrity apartments (Lena Dunham is a client) and Palm Beach hotels, the in-demand interior designer finds time to write for Vogue, Domino and Architectural Digest. That millennial hustle comes through in her aesthetic too, with spaces that are classic, polished, and bursting with youthful exuberance.

Photos via Instagram/@arielokin

Nicole Gibbons


The CEO and founder of Clare paints is, unsurprisingly, all about bold, playful colour. While we do keep an eye on her brand's account for paint ideas (sadly, Clare isn't for sale in Canada...yet?), it's her personal account that keeps us checking back for new posts: Bold and bright street style, jet-setting travel snaps, and behind-the-scenes snippets all give a glimpse into where she finds her colour inspo.

Photos via Instagram/@nicolegibbonsstyle

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