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The Rug Guide: What Material is Best for Your Space?

by Andrea Doxey January 18, 2019

The Rug Guide: What Material is Best for Your Space?

Area rugs are powerful statement pieces that can completely transform rooms, as floor art or an understated backdrop that grounds a space. As with most home decor items, not all rugs are created equal! Some are better to withstand high traffic and others are best for stretching your budget. Read our quick tips below and get a sense of which material may be best for you!

Wool Rugs

Why we love them: classic, high quality, soft under foot

What to consider: holds moisture (be sure to lay in a dry room), can fade, investment piece

Where we love them: living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, high traffic areas

Cotton Rugs

Why we love them: affordable, impactful, easy to clean

What to consider: will wear with time

Where we love them: stairs, family rooms, kitchens, kids rooms


Why we love them: strong, typically free from dyes, casual, cost effective, great for layering

What to consider: will wear over time (beware of large loops with dogs/kids, etc.), can have a course texture under foot

Where we love them: family rooms, bedrooms, high traffic areas

Synthetic Blends

Why we love them: durable, easy to clean, cost effective, good for kids rooms

What to consider: try and select one that has a natural fibre mixed in to reduce shine (i.e. polypropylene/wool or wool/viscose).

Where we love them: good for high traffic areas, sunny areas

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