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5 Spring Decorating Ideas to Refresh Your Home

by Andrea Doxey March 05, 2019

5 Spring Decorating Ideas to Refresh Your Home

The transition to March always seems like a refreshing turning point in the year. We realize we aren’t fully out of the winter woods just yet, but with sunnier days upon us, it won’t be long until we are sipping cocktails al fresco. Inhonour of the end of winter (fingers crossed) we’ve rounded up five ways to refresh your home for spring! 

Rearrange Your #Shelfie

There’s a reason why people have used #shelfie over 1.4 million times on Instagram. We love the way a carefully curated collection of ourfavourite things showcases our own personal style. We’re no stranger to fabulous #shelfies and previously wrote a blog post on how to up your game. To update your shelf for spring, start by removing all of the items on your shelves and put one large piece back in the centre and work to build around that one piece. Remember, variety is the spice of life, and so too in decorating. Decorate in odd numbers in order for the eye to bounce around and take in the varying visual interest points. 

Swap Muted Tones for a Colourful Palette

Nothing says spring quite like a burst ofcolour. Swapping out your pillows is the quickest and most impactful way to transform your space for spring.Opt for brightercolours or lighter neutral tones to cheer things up. 

Rearrange Your Furniture

We all get stuck in a rut when it comes to furniture placement. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes to come into your space and offer some new ideas on how to rearrange your furniture. Consider asking your stylish friend for some advice and don’t hesitate to move things around to give your room a fresh look. Perhaps you can keep the same layout, but move furniture pieces throughout different rooms in your house. There’s nothing more satisfying than refreshing your space while shopping your own home! 

Switch Out Your Prints

There’s no reason why inexpensive prints can’t be transitioned from season to season to refresh your space. Similar to the way a pillow can offer a fresh pop ofcolour, so too can prints. 

Paint the Interior of Your Front Door

Feeling gutsy? Consider painting your interior front door a fresh hue. You will get some much enjoyment out of a fresh pop ofcolour each time you walk past your entryway. Just remember... it’s only paint and it can easily be switched up if you tire of thecolour! 

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