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How to Mix & Match Your Way to the Prettiest Pillowscape

How to Mix & Match Your Way to the Prettiest Pillowscape

Pillows might just be our favourite part of our collection. Designed in house and sewn at home in our Toronto workroom, each seasonal collection is a true labour of love.

And when it comes to decorating a home, we believe it's the mix of textiles that truly brings a room to life. Drapery, rugs, bedding, and, (of course) pillows define the style, palette, and personality of a space. What's more, they're also the easiest thing to change, making pillows the perfect place to start if you're craving a seasonal switch up at home.

Here are our tips for pulling together your perfect pillowscape, along with a behind the scenes peek into the making of our Spring 2021 Pillow Collection.

THE SPRING 2021 PILLOW PALETTE — How it Started vs. How it's Going

The fabric of the Hydrangea Garden pillow was the seed that inspired the whole collection. While searching far and wide for a hero fabric for her own home, our creative director, Andrea Doxey, happened upon this print — a fresh, wistful floral of tangled hydrangea branches in soft green, beige and blue, with hits of bright white and lavender — and knew immediately she'd found the one.

The rest of the spring collection blossomed from there. A palette of light, earthy neutrals in cream, ivory, and sandy shades form the foundation, complemented by bright indigo, powder blue, and seaglass green. For variety, Andrea also selected two more hero patterns: Eglinton Sand, a sunwashed faded floral in pearly beige and white; and Riviera, a crisp blue and white print with a playful, painterly feel.

Classic stripes and small prints round out the textile palette. To make this season's designs all the more special, we added in surprising elements like shiny gold zippers, contrasting backs, and classic piped edges.

The result is a collection that's curated for mixing, matching and endless rearranging, in a palette of soft colours and timeless prints that feels like spring, encapsulated:

Fresh, airy, & oh-so-pretty.

PILLOW STYLING 101 — A Foolproof Formula for Effortless Coordination

“Textiles are where a room's personality really comes alive.”

— Andrea Doxey

Our favourite formula for building a beautifully coordinated pillow combo really is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Choose a statement-making hero piece with a bold pattern.
  2. Accent with small prints in a complementary colour or neutral.
  3. Add in supporting stripes or solids (or both!) to complete the look.

(Nervous about coordinating colours? For our spring collection, we've done the work ahead of time to make sure every shade will work together. Check out the "Style It With" recommendations on each product page for our hand-picked suggestions.)

If you're looking to add in some new to refresh your existing decor, opt to mix instead of match. Rather than striving for a bang-on colour match, consider seeking out options that are intentionally off — just by a shade or two — but that will still work within your existing palette. It's more forgiving (and more beautiful, we think) to build a palette of tone-on-tone shades and complementary colours, than to shoot for a perfect match and miss.

THOUGHTFUL LAYERING — How to Give Depth to your Pillowscape

“Layer together different sizes and shapes to add a sense of depth and dimension.”

— Andrea Doxey

Almost as important as colour and pattern — and often overlooked when shopping — is size and shape. Stack large "backer" pillows in behind smaller squares and lumbars for added support, both aesthetically and in terms of comfort.

And while squares will forever be our staple shape, don't underestimate influence of a little lumbar. These smaller 14" x 20" rectangles are perfect to pop on a lounge chair, entry bench or even your home office chair.

NEW THIS SEASON! — Oversized Bolster Pillows for Big Impact

“These big bolsters are the LBD of pillows: Accessorize with even more if you wish, or keep it solo for a simple, one-and-done look.”

— Andrea Doxey

Brand new to our pillow pile-up: Oversized bolsters that measure up at an impressive 42" long. Ideal on a queen- or king-sized bed, these big beauties offer even more to cuddle. And while we love them layered with 20" and 22" squares for extra support, they look just as stylish flying solo.

For a contemporary spin, place just one on a long living room sofa or a bedroom bench. The minimalist styling delivers major impact.

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