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The Neighbourhood! Edition 6.0

by Andrea Doxey October 26, 2022

The Neighbourhood! Edition 6.0

The Neighbourhood:

Feeling Inspired After a Whirlwind Trip to High Point Market, NC.

Ever since I started Rainsford Company in 2018, I've wanted to attend High Point Market in North Carolina. A pandemic, pregnancy and a baby later, and this year I finally had the chance to go! Established in 1909, High Point Market has been attracting people in the furniture industry for over a century! With so much furniture manufacturing conducted in and around High Point, many furniture companies established their showrooms in the area. Our shop Buyer, Anne flew from Toronto to Charlotte and spent two full days walking miles to take in all the inspriation that Market had to offer. This is what I noticed...

No. 1 - Traditional Is Back in a Big Way

Not that I subsribe to design "trends" given that I have a love for all things classic, but it IS nice to see that traditional design is being embraced in a bigger way right now. Give me an English roll arm, colour and skirted details any day of the week! Here are a few iphone snaps of things that caught my eye.

No. 2 - Curved Everything Isn't Going Anywhere

Have you noticed? Curved details are everywhere in design right now from archways to sofas. I intially only noticed it in more modern design, but love the way the curved edge found its niche in traditional design.

No. 3 - Nothing Sets the Tone Like a Rug Can

I only had a few heart stopping moments while we were away and one was around rugs! Nothing gets me quite like the beauty and craftsmanship it takes to make a beautiful rug. Often setting the tone in a room, rugs quite figuratively set the foundation of a space. I can't wait to expand our collection of rugs in 2023 after seeing some of these beauties up close!

We hope to see you in the shop or chat with you online soon. Until next time! xo


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