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Fall 2020 Home Decor Trends: Embracing the Now

Fall 2020 Home Decor Trends: Embracing the Now

We’ve always believed in the importance of feeling at home in your own space — and this year in particular, we’ve all done a lot more living in our homes than usual. The coming season’s decor trends reflect that shift, and we couldn’t be happier to see the comforting, soul-soothing looks heading our way. Here are 5 of our favourite home decor and interior design trends for fall 2020.



Fern Green & Cream

As the leaves begin to turn their traditional fall colours, interiors are holding on the verdant shades of summer. Deep, vibrant green tempered with creamy white accents is our preferred colour combo this season. Match it with rich warm woods, aged brass, and plush textures, like velvet and heavyweight linen to make it feel seasonally appropriate.

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"Herb Garden" by Benjamin Moore


Canopy Beds

There’s something about a four-poster bed that just feels grand. This traditional furniture style is staging a big comeback, likely due in part to a newfound desire to cocoon ourselves in a safe space. With or without the fabric canopy and surrounding drapes, these beds lend instant drama to a bedroom and an added sense enveloping comfort.


Glazed Pottery

Roughly-hewn stoneware is getting a new shine with glossy — but not too polished — finishes. Speckled, dipped and crackled reactive glazes maintain an organic feel, giving wabi-sabi charm that recalls something your great-aunt picked up at a vintage shop (or made herself in pottery class). Imperfect, asymmetrical shapes add to the handcrafted feel. Don’t be afraid to think outside the vase; ceramic lampshades feel extra special.

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Glazed Urn
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Homey Workspaces

Without a doubt, 2020 is the year we get all serious about our home workspaces. Whether you have the room for a dedicated home office, or need to carve out a place to focus within a bedroom, living room or dining space, it's time toput the same thought, care and effort into decorating your workspace as any other area of your home. The key to making #WFH life work in either case: Designing around adaptable, multipurpose pieces that fit with your overall decor style (read: nothing too "officey") and support your ability to focus.


Botanical-Inspired Patterns

Yep, another trend that's all about bringing the natural world in. (Are you sensing a theme? One of 2020's big buzzwords: Biophilic design, a philosophy which focuses on creating a connection to nature.) This season's versions of floral and foliage motifs draw from Arts and Crafts movement-style botanical illustrations, like those of British artist William Morris. Defined by simplified forms, repeated patterns and symetrical designs, the style is equally as impactful on wallpaper or fabrics.

Fabrics we love

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If we've learned anything this year so far, it's that life can change on a dime! Be sure to embrace your own design style and what you LOVE. Life is too short to try to adhere to what's "in and out" - go with what you love.

Remember: Just because it's a trend, does not mean you have to participate! Only choose trends that speak to you.

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