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Colour Commentary: Blue, Green and White

by Andrea Doxey July 09, 2020 2 min read

Colour Commentary: Blue, Green and White

If you've been following the Rainsford Company journey, it's pretty clear we have a serious affinity for green, blue and white. Something about this colour combination always feels so fresh and clean. Read on for more about this earthy colour combination and how you can incorporate it into your home.

In my opinion, the simplest way to start using this combination is to choose either blue and white, or green and white as your two base colours. I chose green and white, meaning I committed to green in my drapes and some of my furniture pieces. In the spring and summertime, I inject blue as my third colour using accent pieces (i.e. pillows and accessories) to tie it all together. In the fall and winter, I remove the blue and often inject more black and jewel tones with the green to match the vibe of the season.  

My very first bachelorette pad was decked out in Benjamin Moore's Guilford Green (thanks for painting, Dad!) and I immediately fell in love with this colour. Since that time, I have found it easier to have white walls on my main level and inject colour using textiles, furniture and accessories.

I do however, find that painting with white means I have to be more thoughtful when injecting colour so that the rooms don't look too blah! You'd think choosing white as a base would make things easier, but it actually means you have to add in more colour and thoughtfully layer the room.

For me, Benjamin Moore's Cloud White has always been my go-to white paint colour. It has a warmer white undertone so pairs well against whiter trim to offer a bit of contrast. We've used Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace on our trim to keep things bright and fresh looking. Overall, this palette is fresh and clean and we highly recommend it! Not sure where to begin? We've linked to our entire Blue, Green and White Collection to get you started!

Blue and White Bone Box-Objects & Accents-Rainsford Company
Blue and White Ginger Jar - Medium-Vases & Planters-Rainsford Company

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