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Colour Commentary: Back to Black

by Andrea Doxey August 23, 2018 2 min read

Colour Commentary: Back to Black

Whether in fashion or decorating, black never seems to go out of style. There are many different ways to incorporate black into your space without it looking too glam or dungeonesque (yes, that’s a word). As the classic American designer Jan Showers once said, “every room needs a touch of black, just as it needs one antique piece”- we couldn’t agree more. While colour can elevate a space, there’s no better way to ground a room than by going back to black. Here are a few ways to incorporate black into your abode!  

1. The Exterior

It’s safe to say black on the exterior of a home is timeless. A black facade allows for the surroundings pop, while the structure retreats into the backdrop.


Have an unfortunate brick situation? Let's face it, not all brick is pretty. Painting black could be a perfect solution to revitalize the brick and add to the curb appeal, without breaking the bank. We love the way this little storefront in London looks painted in black.

Black shutters and front doors are an easy way to achieve a classic and sophistacted look.

2. Accessories

Adding touches of black to every room can help make your room transitions seamless. If there are elements of black in each room, switching around accessories becomes easy and allows for a single grounding element throughout the home. We always use black accessories in every room in some way shape or form (I.e. curtain rods, frames, pots, fabric, etc). Typically, we leave black elements in each room all year round and rotate more colourful items seasonally.  

3. Black Windows

If you're an interior design junkie, you will have noticed that black interior windows have made a big splash in the design world. With their industrial appeal often juxtaposed with a soft white interior, it's no wonder people are swooning over this look. Their design is rooted in a classic industrial look (think old factories and office buildings), so don't be concerned that this is a passing fad.

4. Black and White Tile

Black and white tile has long been a bathroom design staple, but today, designers are taking an updated appraoch to this classic combination. We love the way the these homeowners used a patterned porcelain tile to make statement. Bonus - the tiles pictured in the first photo below are super affordable and available at The Home Depot.

5. Black Walls

When painting walls black, we like to ensure it is paired with a white element to soften the look. We love the idea of using black paint in small areas (i.e. powder room, mud room, entryway, etc.). Softened with the right accessories, black walls look sophisticated and far from dark and dreary. Our favourite black paint? Black Onyx by Benjamin Moore. 

Classic Black Picks

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