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7 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look More Luxe

by Andrea Doxey February 27, 2019

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look More Luxe

With spring just around the corner, everyone is looking for inspiration on how to update their homes without breaking the bank. We like to use the 'high-low' approach to achieving a luxe look; knowing where to save and splurge is critical. See our top 7 tips on how to nail that luxe look.

Move Your Curtain Rods Up

A common mistake when hanging drapes is mounting the rod directly above the frame. By doing this, you are not maximizing the height of the room and therefore cutting off the illusion of soaring ceilings. We recommend hanging your curtain rod 4-6" above the frame. 

Mat Your Artwork

Nothing says luxe like custom framed artwork, but let’s be honest, it can be very expensive to have custom frames made at a frame shop. When buying inexpensive prints, we like to ensure they are matted with a thick mat to make the piece look more custom. You can easily pick up frames and mats at stores like Michaels, Indigo and Ikea. Alternatively, if you already own a frame you like, but it’s not the rightcolour, consider spray painting the frame so that it seamlessly mixes into your décor. We like to use a matte gold or black spray paint to achieve a quick and easycustom framed look.

Tidy Up

So simple. So effective. Clear off your countertops, put away clutter and clear surfaces so that the eye can rest when looking at the room. There is no sense in spending hard earned money on décor if it is going to get lost in the clutter! 

Add Greens

There’s something so organic about adding seasonal fresh greens to your interior décor. Sure, we’d love to always have fresh blooms throughout our homes, but that’s a quick way to erode your budget. When heading to your local florist or grocery store, consider buying large branches of greenery instead of flowers. Branches are a great way to add height to tables, mantles, etc. They will last longer than flowers and pack a luxe punch to your space. 

Recover Outdated Furniture

If you own a good quality furniture piece that cost a pretty penny back-in-the-day, consider reupholstering it rather than investing in something new. If the only thing wrong with the piece is the 90’s fabric or worn out seat cushions, explore the cost the reupholstering. Upholsterers can also redo seat and back cushions in the process, so you really just need to make sure you like the shape and the construction is good quality. 

Update Hardware

Updating cabinet hardware is a simple and effective way to update kitchen cabinets or furniture pieces. If you are replacing cabinet pulls, make sure you measure the spread between the drill holes to ensure you’re selecting new hardware that will fit without any extra hassle. 

Group Everyday Items on Trays

One of ourfavourite decorating hacks for creating the luxe look is to group everyday items on trays. In the bathroom for example, use a small tray to place soap, moisturizer and perfume together. Other great spots for small trays are near your kitchen sink and on your coffee table. Adding a tray layer will elevate the look and will keep the space functional by keeping your everyday items (i.e. TV remotes) handy. 

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