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Move Over Summer: 5 Ways to Prep Your Home for Fall

by Andrea Doxey August 19, 2019

Move Over Summer: 5 Ways to Prep Your Home for Fall

"Don't you love New York in the Fall?

It makes me want to buy school supplies"

- You've Got Mail

Who else feels like the transition from August to September is the unofficial New Year? It's my absolute favourite month of the year as everything feels like a fresh start without the frigid temps or holiday let-down. Just as getting dressed in September is a struggle (you go from cold to sweating in minutes), so too is decorating, where you are caught between the breezy feeling of summer and the cozy-vibes of fall. I consider September to be a "shoulder season" for decorating, so it's the perfect time assess your space and adjust for the cooler months ahead. Read on for our 5 simple tips to get your home fall ready.

Fall Favourites

The Top 5 Tips

Tip #1: Changing Up the Colour Scheme

My go-to for September? Changing up my colour scheme from a punchier colour palette to a more neutral palette. Paring back brighter colours allows a more neutral tone to emerge, which will give you space to add in richer tones and heavier fabrics once the colder weather is upon us.

Non-Seasonal Picks

Tip #2: Think About Your Base Layer

As you slowly transition to spending more time inside throughout the month of September, think about your base rug layer in the rooms where you spend the most time (living room, master bedroom, etc). For example, natural jute or wool-blend rugs in neutral tones are great for acting as a base layer in your space. We also love to use runners and rugs under your bed so that when you step out of bed, you're welcomed with something soft underfoot and not the cold floor.

Autumnapproaches and the heart begins to dream...

Lay A Neutral Foundation

Tip #3: Think Patterned Neutrals

Have I lost you? Patterned neutrals? What is she talking about. Hang with me; just like in fashion, some prints can act like neutrals and are a great way to keep personality in your space between seasons. Think about a classic leopard print or textiles with two muted colours. Here are a couple of examples...

Patterned Neutrals

Tip #4: Repurpose Your Outdoor Decor

I'm big on repurposing some of my more traditional summer decor in a fall way. For example, baskets that I've used outdoors as planters or for throws on chilly nights can be brought inside for storage. Similarly, garden stools that were used as an extra seat outdoors can be used as side tables. One of my favourite pieces to transition from summer to fall is my market tote. Come September she morphs into an indoor basket - she's handy like that!

Repurposed Decor

Tip #5: Add Warm Brass

We love mixing metals in a space and adding in warm brass tones is a great way to nod to the jewel tones embraced in the fall. You don't have to go crazy with this tone, but adding in a few key accessories will update your space to 2019.

Brass Tones

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