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3 to Follow: Get Inspired by Kelly Deck, Moore House, and Boxwood Pine Co.

3 to Follow: Get Inspired by Kelly Deck, Moore House, and Boxwood Pine Co.

With endless inspiration at our fingertips, it's easier than ever to train your eye and hone in on your personal decor style — but it can also feel completely overwhelming. Keep your style fresh and keep the inspiration flowing by shaking up your feed with new perspectives from the next trendsetters.  

Each month, we're profiling three visual tastemakers whose images always stop us mid-scroll. We promise they're worth the follow.

Kelly Deck


Vancouver interior designer Kelly Deck has a particular knack for relaxed, refined spaces. Under her guidance, rooms are wrapped in a serene sense of calm through clean lines and soft finishes. The blend is welcoming and liveable, with a coastal (but not cliche) air fitting for her west coast locale.

On her Instagram feed, Kelly shares snaps of her own work — both completed and in progress. (We love a peek inside a good reno project). She also shares images reposted from designers who inspire her. The mix gives a glimpse into her process and inspirations, and regularly leads us to even more style sources to follow and swoon over.

Photos via Instagram/@kellydeckdesign

Moore House


We're not quite sure how we stumbled upon Moore House's Instagram feed, but boy are we glad we did. Scrolling through the Rhode Island vacation rental collective's feed is like going on a mini virtual vacation.

The family-run business operates an assortment of guest cottages scattered along the Atlantic shore, lovingly restoring the area's "forgotten homes" and transforming them into boutique accommodations with a focus on sustainability and slow living. (We know where we're booking our next vacay!) The family's blend of American and Australian backgrounds gets the credit for their design aesthetic, which speaks to our preferred brand of coastal-classic home styling.

(They also have a sister business, Moore House Design, which offers interior design and renovation services — Follow @moorehousedesign for an equally drool-worthy look at their home projects.)

Photos via Instagram/@moore.house

Alicia Gbur & Christian Doble


Husband and wife Christian and Alicia have spent the past seven years restoring and reinvigorating their century-old Craftsman-style home in Pleasant Ridge, MI, a Detroit suburb. Lucky for us, Alicia is a professional photographer, and Christian is a creative director.

On their Instagram account, Boxwood Pine Co., the couple graciously documents the home's restored character to share with us. Both homeowners clearly also have a penchant for antique hunting, DIYs, and landscape gardening. Now filled with a mix of antique and contemporary finds, the house is charmingly cozy — and its yard is even more so, with a front courtyard rife with pruned boxwoods and topiary urns.

Photos via Instagram/@boxwoodpineco

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