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3 to Follow: Cultivate Fresh Home Inspiration with The Growers Daughter, Antonio Valente and Ashley Montgomery

3 to Follow: Cultivate Fresh Home Inspiration with The Growers Daughter, Antonio Valente and Ashley Montgomery

With endless inspiration at our fingertips, it's easier than ever to train your eye and hone in on your personal decor style — but it can also feel completely overwhelming. Keep your style fresh and keep the inspiration flowing by shaking up your feed with new perspectives from the next trendsetters.  

Each month, we're profiling three visual tastemakers whose images always stop us mid-scroll. We promise they're worth the follow.

Maria Heikoop


By now you know we're suckers for a heritage home restoration—all the better if it's set in the rolling hills of some halcyon countryside. On these counts, Maria Heikoop's East Coast farmhouse does not disappoint. A Niagara Region-transplant, Heikoop moved her family out to a circa-1835 wood-shingled farmhouse in Nova Scotia's picturesque Annapolis Valley a few years ago and never looked back.

On her Instagram feed and on her blog, The Grower's Daughter, Heikoop documents the nooks and crannies of her gorgeously restored home and the serene landscapes that surround it, along with snaps of her mouth-watering baking, her meticulously planned garden, and outings made in search of antiques and the Maritime province's most charming architecture. It's all so soothing to look at, providing a welcome slow-living escape from whatever we're doing.

Antonio Valente


Looking to inject some vibrant, joyful colour into your feed? Follow Antonio Valente. As a third-generation grower, Valente followed—roughly—in his father and grandfather's footsteps, taking a sharp turn away from their trade of growing vegetables and grapevines to start a flower farm instead.

Valente is known amongst the florists he wholesales to for his specialty varieties of flowers and for his sustainable, organic growing practices. On his Instagram feed, Youtube channel, and website, Valente shares his knowledge for coaxing the brightest blooms out of any size of garden. (He also appears on CTV’s Your Morning as an on-air gardening expert.)

For those looking to hone their green thumb, he recently launched a seasonal online shop selling seeds and bulbs of heirloom or pollinator-friendly flowers such as ranunculus, gladiolus, dahlias, narcissus, peonies, and foxgloves.

Ashley Montgomery


If you ask us, interior designer Ashley Montgomery is Canada's answer to Cali icon Amber Lewis. Through her self-named design studio, Montgomery creates rooms that are cozy, modern, and just the right amount of rustic, balancing fresh and classic touches in the best way.

There's a lived-in authenticity to her spaces that is layered and studied without feeling staged. Montgomery's designs exude inviting warmth— scrolling her feed instantly makes us feel at ease. "Homey" is truly the best word to describe the tone she sets, and really, isn't that the one thing every home should be?

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