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3 to Follow: Designer Cynthia Ferguson, DIYer Ryia Jose, and Tastemaker Gen Sohr

3 to Follow: Designer Cynthia Ferguson, DIYer Ryia Jose, and Tastemaker Gen Sohr

Life is better in colour — and what better time that the height of summer to embrace it in full force? Saturate your social feeds with bright perspectives from new-to-you trendsetters. Here are three visual tastemakers whose images always stop us mid-scroll.

Cynthia Ferguson


Interior designer Cynthia Ferguson lives in a world of riotous colour. At their core, her rooms are rooted in classic designs, silhouettes, and materials. But in her hands, traditional furnishings (think turned-leg tables, camelback headboards, button-tufted banquettes, and table lamps with pleated shades) are transformed with daring colour and pattern.

Ferguson champions a maximalist ethos with rooms and vignettes layered together with a more-is-more approach. Even outdoor spaces get a coat of jewel-toned colour, like her own navy blue-painted back garden deck (accessorized with plenty of potted boxwoods, natch).

The lesson we're reminded of every time one of her posts pops up on our Instagram feed: Life's too short to play it safe.

Ryia Jose


Nail gun and paintbrush in hand, Texas homeowner Ryia Jose is transforming her builder-grade suburban home one room at a time. Be warned: Following her Instagram Stories is almost guaranteed to have you reaching for your power tools.

The DIYer-extraordinaire walks us through each of her projects in real time, from design idea to finished room — including any hiccups she needs to account for along the way, — making just about everything she tackles look totally doable. From a simple wooden privacy screen for her back patio, to a floor-to-ceiling makeover of her daughters' shared bedroom, we're frequently amazed and inspired by what Jose is able to pull off solo.

Gen Sohr


Carrying on our colour kick: Designer, entrepreneur, and all-around tastemaker Gen Sohr. The founder of lifestyle shop and design studio Pencil & Paper Co., Sohr's style is best summed up by her motto, "Colour Makes Us Happy."

From fashion to stationery, Sohr in wholly committed to surrounding herself with pure, joyful colour and pattern. A hefty dose of Southern flair and a love for classic, pop art Americana touches every part of this style maven's look. If you believe her Instagram feed, every inch of her candy apple red lipstick-clad life is styled to a T in vivid technicolour, from her impeccable home (where wallpaper and patterned textiles abound) to her enviable closet (ruffles, gingham, stripes and puffed sleeves are staples, and Sohr's never met a vintage bangle or bauble she didn't love).

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