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3 to Follow: Florist Alison Westlake, Designer Jenny Martin, and Artist Pip Spiro

3 to Follow: Florist Alison Westlake, Designer Jenny Martin, and Artist Pip Spiro

Summer's not over yet, and these trendsetters' photos prove it. Read on for three visual tastemakers whose images always stop us mid-scroll.

Alison Westlake


Looking for inspiration that will convince you to follow your bliss? Follow florist Alison Westlake. (She's better known by her professional moniker, Coriander Girl).

After gaining a devoted clientele as a wedding and event florist, she opened up a storefront flower shop in Toronto's trendy west-end Parkdale neighbourhood to rave reviews. After six years of success, Westlake made the surprise move east to rural Prince Edward County to buy a piece of farmland.

The gamble paid off: She transformed the 200-year-old church on the property into a wedding venue, opened another shop in town, and now grows her own flowers in a potager (that's French for kitchen garden) of raised beds surrounding a rustic floral studio shed. See? Dreams can come true.

Jenny Martin


Chances are you've seen west coast interior designer Jenny Martin's work online, even if you aren't already following her on social media (but you really should be). The family home she designed for blogger & influencer Kristine Lee is all over Pinterest.

Martin's specialty: "Livable luxury." She balances function and finesse in a refined yet relaxed way, creating spaces that are elegant, airy and fuss-free. (Seriously, have you ever seen a laundry room look as practical *and* inviting as the one pictured below?)

Of all the rooms that she designs, it's her kitchens that always stop us in our tracks — between the custom millwork, elevated lighting and hardware, and chef-level appliances, they're what a host's dreams are made of.

Pip Spiro


Imagine escaping on a beach vacation to Australia's sprawling coast, where you could spend your days immersed in a landscape of golden sand, turquoise surf, and pink seashells. Sound dreamy? Skip the 20+ hour flight and follow Pip Spiro.

The Aussie watercolour artist captures her idyllic coastal surroundings in her awe-inspiring detail. Frequent subjects of her gorgeous still-life paintings include tropical fruit, lush flowers and foliage, and those previously mentioned seashells, all awash in a palette of sunset-worthy pastels.

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