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3 to Follow: Decor experts Brenda Danso, Agata Tasson & Cynthia Weber

3 to Follow: Decor experts Brenda Danso, Agata Tasson  & Cynthia Weber

With endless inspiration at our fingertips, it's easier than ever to train your eye and hone in on your personal decor style — but it can also feel completely overwhelming. Keep your style fresh and keep the inspiration flowing by shaking up your feed with new perspectives from the next trendsetters.  

Each month, we're profiling three visual tastemakers whose images always stop us mid-scroll. We promise they're worth the follow.

Brenda Danso

Vaughan, ON 🇨🇦

It's undeniable: Brenda Danso is a force. In the three years since starting her interior design biz, she's accomplished a tonne: The Californian-expat landed a spot as a Design Expert on CityLine, launched an online lifestyle shop (with fellow designer Iman Stewart), and was invited to create a room in Architectural Digest's ultra-exclusive Iconic Home showcase.

Not enough? In her spare time, she founded Black Canadian Interior Designers, a platform created to champion and support other Black designers and decorators.

Follow Danso for the empowering vibes, and stay for her polished interiors & fearless use of colour.

Photos via Instagram/@bdinteriordesign

Agata Tasson

Oakville, ON 🇨🇦

Bright and airy spaces are Agata Tasson's signature, and they're always effortlessly inviting. A former lawyer, now residential designer and interior stylist, Tasson is a master of clean, impactful decor styling.

Judging from her IG feed, we'd guess she believes every room is better with a houseplant (or four) in it. It's also clear she's never met a bit of foraged foliage or bundle of flowers that she couldn't transform into a wild gesture of organic beauty.

Photos via Instagram/@tassoninteriors

Cynthia Weber

Huron County, ON 🇨🇦

If antiques and sweeping country landscapes are your jam, this is the feed for you. Forget "farmhouse-style" and escape to the real thing with #bannockburn1878, the 143-year-old stone house in that interior decorator Cynthia Weber lives in with her husband.

Weber shares their journey restoring the heritage home — which she's kept true to its historic, timeless style — alongside glimpses into life in the idyllic rural setting. But it's the farmland estate's other residents that often steal the spotlight: The Webers' two dogs — Beau (a dachshund puppy) and Ty (a Dobermann), a barn cat, and their two mini-horses.

Photos via Instagram/@cynthia_weber_design

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