Solid Bronze Stocking Hook

These simply elegant stocking hooks are solid bronze and were designed and hand crafted to hold stockings correctly and securely. They are recommended for recessed front mantles, shelves and windowsills.

Most stocking hooks hang frontwards, resulting in the loop of the stocking becoming twisted rather than hanging straight down. To remediate this problem, these hooks are turned to the side. A plastic sleeve was added to the top of the hook to prevent any marks or scratches to your mantle or furniture.

The weight of the stocking holder is irrelevant, it's how the bearing weight is distributed. The more weight you place in the stocking, the more securely the hook will hold. The weight bearing line runs from the hook to midway through the plastic covered bronze rod that sits on the mantle. The hooks were tested to hold over 25 lbs, more weight than most stockings can safely hold.

  • Made by hand in USA